Our service team provides our customers with years of expertise on all types of HVAC equipment including boilers and chillers.


Our certified HVAC technicians are also cross-trained on automation systems.

Our professional and personable service team is dedicated to providing solutions to all our customers HVAC challenges.

They have the knowledge to quickly and efficiently handle any HVAC problem on the first visit.

Complete peace of mind

Lar-Mex also has a preventative maintenance division working on a regular basis to ensure that our customers’ equipment is maintained as per manufacturers’ specifications.


A cross connection is a direct or indirect connection between the drinking water system and a private plumbing system. In order to keep the City’s water distribution system free from possible contamination, the main water supply must be isolated from the private system by stalling a backflow prevention device at or near the water meter (called premises isolation). The device prevents liquids or contaminants from entering into the municipal drinking water system.

To comply with the program, you may be required to:

• Conduct a CCC survey as requested by the Municipality
• Submit survey results to the Municipality
• Install the appropriate backflow prevention device as instructed
• Test the device annually or more frequently as appropriate
• Submit device testing results to the Municipality
• Maintain the backflow prevention device in working condition at all times

Lar-Mex CCCP

Some of the manufacturers that the Lar-Mex service team has received factory training:


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